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ONTARIO, CANADA- Typically, most of the signals of Ontario are of the "combo-style" 12"/ 8"/8" set up. The most unusual aspect is the use of yellow on the back plate. Basically the goal is the increase the target value of the signal itself. Yellow attracts attention to the signal and helps to increase the signal "target value". (Photo by Jason Bibby)


SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN- This is an example of the newer style of traffic signals the city has been using, the davit arm pole has been frequently common throughout the city, most intersections have these type of signals and poles.

Here is the older style of signals and poles in Saskatoon, these poles are currently being replaced by the davit arm pole, as well the vertical Canadian pedestrian signal is being replaced by the horizontal. (Photos by Ryan Harder)


WHITEHORSE YT.- In this example of a horizontal signal, note the curved mast and unusual mounting of the two signals. Another interesting thing to point out is the "Canadian-style" symbol pedestrian signals. (Photo by Carla Gruber)




VANCOUVER B.C.- This signal is a bit different, in that it utilizes a tunnel visor for the green indication only.  Note also the use of a horizontal pedestrian signal...very unusual to find anywhere!


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